Who we are:

P.WILLEM-TECH  is a technological hub equipped with modern science and engineering concept, ideas to solve our everyday tech-related challenges, such as questions about the gap between reliable, alternative energy options and affordability which include cost of maintenance as well.

Meet our team

Princewill Fidelis

Founder & CEO

Akan Odu

International Sales Coordinator and Project Manager

Augustine Chimamanda

Sales Regional Africa Strategist

Vanessa Hendricks

International Market and Brand Strategist


Design Technologist


Chief Engineer

Our Mission

Our company is focused on providing innovative energy solutions, sustainable building and smart technological that are not only durable but equally obtainable. We are passionate about what we do and are constantly working on new ideas, improving the old ones and joining concepts to provide robust, quality and affordable technological solutions in our area of expertise.

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How we do it

We have evolved through the years of collaborating with some of the finest engineers, scientists and technologists across Europe, Australia, Russia and Africa, providing us with an incredible reservoir of technological experiences and an on-going collaborative pact with very talented minds, who are always on the lookout for the next exciting challenge to undertake.

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